Scaffolding Safety Equipment

1. Hard Hats and Safety Glasses

A safety helmet and safety glasses or goggles are two of the most important safety gear when working on Birmingham scaffolding. The hard hat is specially reinforced so you will not sustain an injury if anything comes into contact with your head. Generally, when working on a construction site, it is mandatory to wear a hard hat, and in special instances, it is also mandatory to wear eye glasses. These can be beneficial as they shield your eyes from potentially harmful dust in the air.

2. Torso and Leg Wear

Generally when working on Birmingham scaffolding many people will wear high visibility vests. This is so workers can easily see each other and therefore reduces the chances of accidents. This generally only happens on large scale construction sites, and on smaller scale projects such as just on one aspect of a property, they are not generally worn.

3. Gloves and Footwear

Due to the need to grip on to the scaffolding, both with your hands and your feet, the gloves or footwear that workers choose to wear is of the utmost importance. Boots with grippy, rubber soles are not only good for mitigating the risk of accidents, but they are generally very comfortable, which is important when working in a very physically straining environment. Gloves can also be important, particularly when handing wooden objects on the construction sites, as this increases the risk of splinters or injuries to the hands.