Essential Components of Railway Safety Equipment

Railway PPE is an absolute necessity for anyone working at a railway construction site. Though the safety gear changes depending upon the type of job, the climate and how far you are stationed from the heavy machinery, there are some components of railway safety equipment that everyone, worker and manager alike, must use.

1. Safety Headgear

A safety helmet and safety glasses or goggles are two of the most important safety gear. The crash helmet is perhaps the only line of defense protecting your head in cases of an accident. It is mandatory to always wear it in any kind of work environment. The glasses and goggles are meant to protect your eyes from dust and from sparks. If you are working in warm weather conditions or harsh sunlight, it is advised to switch to tinted glasses.

2. Torso and Leg Wear

The high visibility vest is the bare minimum when it comes to railway PPE and if you are working on site, it is important to also wear high visibility trousers. The reflective lines on these clothes minimize risk of both accidents and man-made mishaps at construction sites. However, when working in foul weather or a cold climate, high visibility active jacket is essential. This jacket is waterproof and it keeps the workers warm and prevents them from getting wet, thus preventing sickness.

3. Gloves and Footwear

Though gloves are not a mandatory accessory for workers at railway sites, they are still a useful addition to your gear. Even the simplest and thinnest of gloves greatly reduce chances of scratches and cuts. There are, however, gloves designed for workers who are assigned tasks in diverse conditions. Thermal gloves are useful when handling hot materials or equipment. Likewise, insulated gloves should be worn with or near electricity. Safety footwear, likewise, is designed to maximize comfort and handling. It should be sturdy enough to survive aggressive physical activity. In warmer climates, breathable variants are preferred whereas in cold weather the waterproof safety boots are the articles of choice.